stubborn and chunky

My stubborn prince refused to go to school all of last week, screaming and crying. The teacher had to carry him into the class room…heart breaking. However this week, all of a sudden, he is willing to go to school by saying that it was really cool having his motor cycle toy and sharing it with his friends. I have no idea what made him think that way, but hey it works…mommy is happy.

My chunky ballerina loves to eat salmon, chicken, rice, veggies, all kinds of food that are provided on her high-chair table. Downing her 9oz formula like a dehydrated man finding water in a desert. I am trying to carry her as much as I can because time flies…


わが家の子供たち、日々成長中です。豆台風は、先週ずっと学校に行きたがらず、教室までたどり着いても入り口で泣き叫び、先生に抱きかかえられてクラスに消えて行く事数回。でも今週は、お気に入りのバイクのオモチャがあって、「これを持ってたらハンタカッコイイの。だから学校に行けるよ」とのこと。そのバイクをリュックに入れて、何事もなかったようにすんなり学校に行き始めました。そんなことだったん? 本人なりのいろんな理屈が決心があったんかな。母ちゃんには分かりません。笑。





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