K Family’s Japanese traditional portrait in my studio : NYで七五三撮影

Shichi-Go-San ( “Shichi” means Seven, “Go” means five, and “San” means three – 753) is a Japanese traditional rite of passage. Seven-year-old girls, five-year-old boys, and three-year-old girls (and boys) dress up in glamorous kimonos and celebrate their growing of age. We would go to our favorite photographer to capture this precious moment…

Ahh this Shichi-Go-San celebration is so much more deeper than that! I am giving myself homework to explain this 753 rite of passage in a future post 😉  (fyi – Wikipedia page has an article about Shichi-Go-San as well).

My Shichi-Go-San session starts with casual family portrait with natural light.



Free sprited and full of joy. I love this little lady’s energy. 悪戯好きのティンカーベルのような女の子。


We have been friends over 10 years.  They were an ambitious pianist and violinist from Juilliard and I was a starving bartender/photography student. We have encouraged each other, gone through tough times yet we all managed to survive and aspire 😉 Taking photos of their daughter really means a lot to me.




Dress change and photograph in the studio. It was kind a chaotic to make three year old stay still. Little princess insisted not to wear Tabi (japanese socks for kimono), so I ended up painting them in Photoshop. Lol.





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