The true story behind our holiday card


Back in October, I was planning to photograph my kids for our traditional holiday card. My 3-year-old, is all about super heroes, insisted on wearing his Spider-Man outfit. I had to listen to him otherwise he wouldn’t participate for the photo shoot, so I decided to combine Spider-Man and Santa themes 😉

First, my son and I hung xmas ornaments on the backdrop stand together.



And then, photographed him first.  I simply bounced flash light to the ceiling. This way there is no harsh shadows on him and easy to photoshop him upside down later.

Ok, now time to wake up my sleeping beauty from her afternoon nap.



Oh cranky baby… I don’t remember why she was so furious.

Cranky baby: What do you mean I was bad!!!



This little lady never listens to my instructions so we had to wait patiently until she stood up and looked at the lens.


It probably took one hour to get the shot I like. lol. Since I cannot use a burst shutter mode in the studio setting, taking a one-year-old photo takes forever!



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