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We are back in Japan, spending some quality time with my family. Yesterday was my son’s first day of Kindergarten in Japan. He just completed his year in New York, but in Japanese school calendar, he is still in the first semester of Kindergarten. It’s so nice to see children with same size as my son here…(my son was the smallest in his school in NY).

He was very scared to go into the school, and like the first day of school in NY, he cried, screamed, and then a teacher carried him to the classroom. I heard him screaming for a while but I had to leave…what else is new. I was very curious how he was when I picked him up 6 hours later…

When I went back to school to pick him up, the students from his class were coming out. They were suppose to lined up and waited for their parents. Then teacher shook hand one by one by saying “Sayonara” then the student could walk to his mom or dad. When my son saw me, he started to run with a smile on his face but one of the student told him “Wait Hunter! You have to stay here, stay on line and wait for “Sayonara” time” so he went back. He got a friend who knows his name and cares about him already!?!? I was sooooo happy.

Once all the parents were gathered, a class teacher introduced Hunter and I. The teacher explained that we were living in NY and came to this school to learn Japanese culture for a month. She also told us that they did an interview to my son during the class. According to the teacher, my son was on stage, and a girl asked “what is your favorite flower? (in Japanese)”, then he answered “Tanpopo”. She continued “How do you call it in English?” then he goes, “Dandelion” with a fluent English.
I was so proud of him (and me!).
I was also impressed by the other children at school. They were caring and kind. They took him to the bathroom and taught him how to switch the slippers. They showed how to hold the chopstick the right way during the lunch time.  His teacher also told me that by having a new student, she started to see the other students kindness and the initiative to help others. That was something she wasn’t expected to see so it was a win-win situation!

My son and I are blessed to meet a welcoming principal and heart-warming teachers.  Today is a pool day. I hope I can see my son’s smile throughout the day.

This post is all about my son, so I will put my daughter’s photo for the sake of her. lol.






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