The story behind my newborn photo: 娘の新生児フォト秘話

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そしていざ出産へ。予定帝王切開だったので、心の準備は万端でした。Screen shot 2015-11-25 at 11.28.10 AM


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でもやっぱりキターーー。ホルモンの急激な変化からくる猛烈な悪寒と震え。先生は「赤ちゃん可愛いよね〜。上に乗せて抱っこしながら病室にいくぅ?」と優しい言葉をかけてくれてるんやけど、私、ぶるぶるぶるぶる震えすぎて赤ちゃんが転がり落ちそうだったのでお断りしている所。Screen shot 2015-11-25 at 11.26.30 AM






There was no way for me to take photos of my son when he was a newborn. It was an extremely painful c-section that I wasn’t prepared for at all. I was physically and emotionally worn out. Nevertheless, humans are forgetful creatures. By the time when I was pregnant with my second child, I was eager to take her newborn photos. I was even daring to capture the photos as soon as I came home from the hospital. There is a tradition called a 30 days postpartum confinement (strict bed rest) for Japanese mothers but I have been living in NY too long!?

Before the scheduled c-section, I prepared several different backdrops, baskets and wraps to prop the baby in the nursery room. I charged my camera, put the compact flash in, everything was ready. I was so greedy that “Oh! I need the image of my newborn with my son too.”  Thus, my son, adopted Nanami (Asian baby doll), and I practiced together on how to take sibling shots countless times. I wasn’t crazy, I was just pregnant.

For the most part, I was comfortable with the hospital stays since this was my second c-section and I kind of knew what to expect. I was very fortunate. About a week later, and still enduring my c-sec scar, I was able to capture a lovely image of my son and daughter together… yes, I was crazy.