Line on the bottom

I don’t want the line on the bottom!

Every single morning, he complains that the line of the socks goes on the bottom of his feet and bothers him when he wears sneakers.  I fix it. He takes the socks off. I fix it again. He takes them off again. We ended up getting upset at each other and I forced him to put the shoes on and go to school, sometimes without socks… sigh.

Does anybody know where I can get line-less socks?  I am serious.


「Line on the bottomやだ!靴下が気持ち悪い」これを、出かけ間際に玄関前でぎゃーぎゃー繰り返す息子。それも毎朝。靴下のつま先の縫い目の線が少しでも足の裏にかかるのが嫌で、靴下と靴を履き直す事、複数回。私が何度やり直しても気に入らないみたいで、結局、無理矢理靴を履かせて学校へ。たまに靴下なしで。もちろん息子大泣き。もううんざりや〜。



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